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About Us
We offer both osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments at our clinic. There is a subtle difference in the way osteopath and physiotherapist approach the treatment of the same musculoskeletal conditions. Each profession brings specialist knowledge and experience which we are proud to share for the benefits of our patients. Working as a team with medical doctors enhances treatment efficacy and helps to rule out medical conditions as a source of muscular or joint pain. Our osteopath, physiotherapists and doctors have vast experience and tools to treat a variety of joint, muscle, tendon, nerve or ligament conditions.
What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is a holistic (whole body) approach to health care. Naturally the osteopath will treat the specific problem but in order to do that, they may need to balance all the systems within the body. This is because if one part of the body is restricted, the rest of the body will adapt to compensate for it.
Your Treatment
When you come to your treatment, we will ask you some questions about yourself so that we can build up a picture about you. You see we need to understand not only the reason why you have come to us but also your medical history and general health, your lifestyle, leisure activities and day to day routine. By listening to you carefully and asking the right questions we will be able to get an insight into why the problem occurred, what's aggravating it and how we can correct it. This is an important part of our treatment because although two people may come to us with the same outward problem, the method of treatment could well be quite different because we are all individuals and respond differently.
Treatment Costs

Osteopath's initial consultation and treatment up to 45 minutes: £50

Osteopath's subsequent half hour treatments: £45

Osteopath OAP/Student discount Initial consultation and treatment up to 45 minutes: £40

Osteopath OAP/Student discount half-hour treatments: £35

Private Doctor GP consultation £70

Physiotherapist initial consultation and treatment up too 60 minutes £70

Physiotherapist follow up treatment £50

Block of 5 physiotherapy sessions paid in advance £200

Shock Wave Therapy
Shockwave therapy is a new therapy used for the treatment of soft tissue injuries and ligament strains endorsed by nice guidelines as the new best form of treatment for chronic soft tissue pain. When troubled by persistent muscular pains this treatment can be the quickest way to avoid surgery and help with the recovery of some of the most chronic ligament and tendon injuries.
Where To Find Us
The Clinic Of Osteopathy is based in Palmers Green and our address is 265 Green Lane, Palmers Green, London, N13 4XE, England. You can call us on 0208 886 9977 or email us on [email protected]
All Sports Injuries
All Sports Injuries(muscle tears to the hamstring or calf muscle, foot and heel pains caused by flat feet, shin splints, groin strains or tendonitis of the shoulders or achillies).
Back And Neck Pain
Back And Neck Pain(This may be caused by poor posture, injury, driving or work strain to name but a few. Back and neck pain often leads to other pains such as headaches, arm, shoulder, hip and leg pain).
Neck And Shoulder Pain
Neck And Shoulder Pain(this includes osteo arthritis or disc degeneration in the neck, joint restrictions, muscular strains, trapped nerves, postural tension in the shoulders causing headaches).
Whiplash Injuries
Whiplash Injuries(Car accidents often cause neck pain which radiates out to the shoulders and further down the back).
Headaches(Many headaches stem from problems in the neck whether from injury, tension or wear and tear).
Benefits of Shockwave Treatment
Benefits of Shockwave Treatment

Often complete resolution of the injury Treatment can be done in one half hour session Proven non surgical benefits Nice guidelines endorses the treatment Very few side affects Benefit often seen within a few weeks of completing the coarse of treatment Non invasive

Contact Details
The Clinic Of Osteopathy
265 Green Lane
Palmers Green
N13 4XE

Tel: 0208 886 9977
Email: [email protected]
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